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The one thing that is always there for you is “you”

Life can be chaotic and can sometimes be confusing. The one thing that is always there for you is “you”. The better you understand how your body and mind work the more you can be in control of your life.

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Psychiatric Assessment

The first and most important step to a successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis.

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Psychopharmacology (Medication management)

Arguably, the best outcomes are when an individual can benefit from both psychotherapy and medication management.

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Often psychotherapy is referred to as “talk therapy”, it is really much more involved and complicated.

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Telepsychiatry is the practice of psychiatric medicine delivered via telecommunication technology such as video conferencing.

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Welcome to Mental Health & Wellness MD

Sometimes, life can be chaotic, unpredictable and confusing. We may at times feel challenged by life‘s obstacles or certain changes we are faced with and seek support to overcome these difficulties. Sometimes, we need help understanding how our body and mind work, so as to pull through the hard times and take better control of our lives.
At Mental Health & Wellness MD we aim to provide you with the most personalized, empathetic, and modern mental health care. We focus on evidence based and the most updated services for the treatment of Children, Adolescents and Adults with psychiatric issues. We support and adhere to the biopsychosocial approach to care which takes into account the biological, psychological, and social factors that make every individual unique. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to get our patients on the path to emotional wellness.

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    We provide compassionate care and work closely with patients and their loved ones to develop tailored, patient-centered care plans to help bring lives into balance.

    Mental Counseling

    We help you understand your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts, identify stressors and teach healthy coping and problem-solving techniques.


    Dr Nissirios is well experienced, having worked with several hospitals. Her scientific work has been published in various scientific journals and she has given multiple presentations.

    Card Payment

    We accept card payment (MasterCard, Visa).


    Insurance and Billing

    Dr. Nissirios does not contract with any government or private insurance, or any ACA marketplace plans. If you plan to utilize your insurance out of network benefits, you may do so at your discretion and submit claims for reimbursement by your insurance company. If you plan on submitting claims to your insurance for reimbursement, you are responsible for understanding your plan, benefits, and rates of reimbursement.
    Payment is due at the time of scheduling your appointment. This ensures that all of your scheduled time is used efficiently, for your benefit in treatment, rather than for billing or other non-clinical matters. You will be asked to keep a credit card on file in the patient portal, which is a secure payment system. We do not store your payment information.


    Various diagnostics studies, laboratory studies, neuropsychological testing, and imaging may be recommended or required for the best possible care. Completion of these studies may be required prior to initializing or continuing medication. Please be aware that costs of these diagnostic studies are not included in your visit charges. Your physician will work with you to ensure that all requested diagnostics are necessary for and beneficial to your care, in order to avoid unnecessary costs.
    If you do have insurance, these benefits typically include medication, laboratory, and diagnostic studies and your insurance should cover the costs of prescriptions, labs, or imaging that may be required. Please check your benefits first prior.

    Forensic Affairs

    If your physician is subpoenaed to appear as a fact or expert witness involving your care, you will be assessed a separate set of fees for court appearances. Please note that fees related to court cases, preparation of reports or documents, preparation for deposition, travel, court time etc. are billed at a different hourly rate, typically higher than basic services. For more detailed information, please discuss this with your physician ahead of any potential forensic involvement.

    Medical records, letters, forms

    Medical records are the property of Mental Health & Wellness MD LLC. You have rights to your records as they pertain to your treatment. For your convenience, when requested, records will be released to a requesting treating provider free of charge in case of transfer or termination of care. This is to assist you in ensuring an efficient transfer of care and to minimize any unnecessary interruptions of your treatment. You must fill out consent forms for the release of HIPPA protected information. Records requested for the patient’s own use carry a charge and may instead be provided in the form of a treatment summary, at the discretion of the physician.
    Insurance does not typically cover incidental fees for disclosure of records for personal use. Please allow two weeks for processing of records/letters/forms requests.

    Disability forms

    In order to provide the best and most impartial care to our patients, we cannot provide disability evaluations. Disability evaluations are typically performed by Independent Medical Examiners (IME). Disability paperwork will only be completed for patients who have been in treatment for at least 6 months, or who have been seen for a minimum of 6 times. Disability forms are subject to prorated hourly fees as stipulated in our policies, and completion of forms in no way guarantees your claim will be approved by your insurance carrier.

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